Captives Set Free : Collin Rowland

Captives Set Free : Collin Rowland


High quality photography printed on wood with clear coat finish. Wall floating .75". Includes hanging system. Priced based on 42” diameter. Available in a variety of sizing options.

I visited Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp just outside Berlin, Germany in September 2009.  Through the lens of my camera, I was drawn to the metaphors that lie within the rubble that has survived much over the years of war and fire. 

“Captives Set Free” was shot in the solitary confinement prison for those who had defied authority or had not found favor in the eyes of the prison guards.  When we visited all the doors and windows were open and the floors swept clean with light flooding the rooms, unlike how I imagined the inmates may have experienced.  This image is a strong spiritual metaphor to me, loving the contrast between shadows inside and the light outside. I also loved the idea that since the bombings that shut this camp down and set the captive free, these jail cell doors now stand open, implying that freedom is now for the choosing, something that also can be applied to one’s life and beliefs.

 Sachsenhausen was originally established in 1936 as the hub of all concentration camps that were being erected at that time, in addition to serving as a model for these camps throughout Europe.  Over time it grew to be very large in size and population.  Many famous and influential people were killed there just outside the confines of Berlin.  Today it is a memorial to those who were held, tortured and/or killed unjustly, which includes Jews, Soviets, homosexuals, religious groups, and those who suffered disease.


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