Artwork to Reawaken

Collin Rowland is a contemporary artist working in historic Covington, Kentucky. Just a stone's skip across the Ohio River from downtown Cincinnati. His artwork consists of metaphor and narratives, innovative mixed-media, a resounding love for modern design, layered photography, metal fabrication, sculpture and more. He works out of his GLOW Gallery I Studio space. An inspiring space for sharing artwork with clients, art reps, interior designers; anyone wanting to view the artwork in person. Collin Rowland wears many hats as an artist, sculptor, designer, photographer, musician, creative director, and entrepreneur working for over the last three decades across multiple mediums and art-forms. For the past 8 years, he has focused on him and his business partner's commercial art collaboration business of ROWLAND AUGUR Fine Art. His good friend Daniel Augur and him combine metal fabrication, photography and sculpture in creating unique award winning contemporary artwork. Collaborating or solo projects, Collin Rowland is dedicated to making high-quality, bold and personal artwork in the exploration of spiritual and thought provoking narratives expressed through an artistically innovative frame-work.