The  Artistic  Evolution  of  Collin  Rowland 


 Any  medium  of  creativity  can  be  a  vehicle for communication  where  narratives, metaphors  and  ideas  can  be  expressed.  I  search  for  meaning  and  explore prophetic notions  with  the  hope  to  inspire  through  both  form  and  content.  My goal  to  is  to  plant seeds.  Each  seed  presents  subtle  and  obvious  imagery  of thought  provoking  spiritual  concepts  to  evoke  response.

Throughout  my  career,  I’ve  become  an  international  award  winning  artist,  art director, photographer,  sculptor,  owner  of  Rowland  Fine  Art,  Glow  Gallery  Studio and  co-owner  of Rowland  Augur  Fine  Art.  The  experiences  I’ve  gained  in  the professional  art  world  have been  valuable  in  solving  my  clients’  aesthetic  project needs.  While  attending  the University  of  Cincinnati,  I  focused  on  fine  art  and music.  After  college,  I  co-owned  and managed  a  band  spending  10  years  as  a lead  singer,  songwriter,  co-producer  and performance  artist.  These  experiences led  me  to  develop  a  unique  artistic  perspective  and  style.

As  co-owner  of  Rowland  Augur  Fine  Art  with  friend  and  metal-smith,  Daniel Augur,  we  have  developed  a  diverse  portfolio  over  nine  years.  In  the  Fall  of 2018,  my  work  was  exhibited  in  the  international  art  competition,  Art  Comes Alive,  by  Art  Design  Consultants  in  Cincinnati,  OH.  This  year  was  the  sixth year in  a  row  when  either  a  piece  produced  by  Rowland  Augur  or  myself  has  won  an award.   I  continue  maturing  as  a  contemporary  artist  by incorporating  new-mixed media  in  my  work  that  encourages  and  inspires  international  audiences.

R  O  W  L  A  N  D    F  I  N  E   A  R  T

Collin Rowland : 859-750-9867

Mixed Media | Photography | Metal Fabrication | Sculpture | Custom Design

GLOW Gallery | Studio : 264 West Pike Street, Covington, KY 41011




               The Art Collaboration team of  R O W L A N D   A U G U R

Rowland Augur is the artistic collaboration team of Collin Rowland & Daniel Augur.

Born out of friendship, a love for strong contemporary design and thought-provoking narrative, Rowland Augur uses mixed media to create visually stunning fine art. They display and sell their artwork nationally. Presently showing at some of the most prestigious art galleries in and around Cincinnati OH. They have won multiple art and design awards, including “Best of Show” at the 2012 Art Off Pike Fest., the highly notable “Sculptor Of The Year” award and winning 2012 - 2015 four years in a row at the International “Art Comes Alive” Art Competition at A.D.C., Cincinnati OH.  


By combining talents they offer years of experience working in commercial fine art, design, photography, metal fabrication and a large variety of other materials and techniques not always available to every artist. They currently have at their disposal a 90,000 square foot metal fabrication facility with over 4 million dollars worth of machinery allowing them to take on creative projects of most any size and scale.

Together, the Rowland Augur team challenges each other at developing quality and fresh approaches in contemporary fine art and custom design.

Portfolio can be viewed at...  WWW.ROWLANDAUGUR.COM


R   O W   L   A   N   D    +    A   U   G   U   R

Collin Rowland : 859-750-9867  |  Daniel Augur : 859-393-1943

Photography | Metal Fabrication | Fine Art | Custom Design Creations

GLOW Gallery | Studio : 264 West Pike Street, Covington, KY 41011